Naz Edwards
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Naz was born and raised in Philadelphia. Early in her life, her mother Rose noticed that Naz loved to whistle..... One thing led to another, and Mama Rose decided to explore whether she might also like to sing, and discovered that her little girl had a booming voice. By the age of seven, Naz was taking voice lessons, at first learning operatic pieces in French and Italian (languages which seemed to flow naturally for her).

One day, her teacher placed a tall mirror in front of her, and announced that she was going to introduce something new — which she called "musical theatre." She told Naz to look in the mirror and entertain herself while she sang. Naz was entertained, and never looked back. The first show Naz got to see was CAMELOT, which swept her away. By her late teens, she was herself on stage, her first "real" show being a civic theatre production of OKLAHOMA!. Shortly afterward she had her first professional gig, as Adelaide in GUYS AND DOLLS, followed by Fanny in FUNNY GIRL. By the age of twenty Naz had her Actors' Equity card, and was on her way.

After a series of regional productions, including THE BAKER'S WIFE (Denise, with Scott Bakula) and CARNIVAL (Rosalie, with Judith Blazer), Naz found herself starring on Broadway as the Leader in ZORBA, with Anthony Quinn and the great Lila Kedrova. At the end of its Broadway run, the cast of ZORBA went on national tour for a year, during which Naz repeatedly played to outstanding reviews in every city.
Left (top and bottom): Naz as The Leader in ZORBA on Broadway. (Photograph by Charles Karel). Right: Denise in THE BAKER'S WIFE (Photograph by Sandy Underwood)